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Originally posted by Xetox
...i'll pass, I think I will leave that up to the id10t's
Originally posted by fateamber
I feel sorry for the snake!
Yup... that's about it. I can only respect cultural practices to certain degrees... if they want to risk their lives like that I have no problems with it (provided it won't bring ill light to the battling herp scene), but when they start disresepcting the animals to that extent. Snakes don't care for our company in the first place... handling them gently is invasive enough... and I do realize the irony in my stating that, but most of us keepers do try to make an honest effort in <u>minimizing</u> the stresses we impose... but I cannot imagine how threatening it would be to have this big human fly up in my little face if I were a snake... I'm sure they think they are going to be eaten everytime
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