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Hi Jeff!

Honestly I've never used these particular cages myself, but I just don't think they would be appropriate for a chameleon. I think my biggest concern is that any chameleon might be able to get off/fall off the cage and escape anywhere in your house. Do you have any furry animals that would be interested in eating a cham? Also the UV bulb generally doesn't come included in the package. The only UV bulbs worth using on a chameleon is the flourescent Iguana Light 5.0 or the Reptisun 5.0 (the exact same bulb, just different packaging) or one of those PowerSun UV/Heat combo bulbs. Now the ChameleonCondo is not set up for the use of a flourescent tube, and I don't believe the socket has a ceramic element for the use of the PowerSuns, as those get quite hot!

For the price of them (approx 250.00US) I think there are cheaper, better quality cages that you can buy. Geez, there are even a few members of ssnakess out your way that make chameleon cages.

Others might have differing opinions for you though. This is just my 2 cents!


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