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I am not one who is for the keeping of giant snakes as pets but to classify them as lethal as venomous snakes I think isn't right. I may be wrong here, but I am sure there are much more venom-related snake fatalities versus giant snake fatalities. One can arguably say that most accidents with hots happen when humans and wildlife intercross but I am still pretty sure that in the herp "hobby" much more snake fatalities are due to hots versus giants.

To compare the injuries alone and accident potential, one can note a significant difference. When a giant snake bites you, it won't necessarily constrict you and give a fatal injury. The percentage of people being tagged by a giant versus the percentage of people having serious health complications caused by that bite is very low. A keeper can have some safety measures in case he's been tagged (i.e. bottle of alcohol).

When a hot snake bites you, what are the percentages of those who suffer serious injuries and even risk death? This is why I feel you cannot compare the two classes of snakes. Yes, both are potentially dangerous but one significantly more so.

I would ask a question of hot keepers. Should an accident happen with a hot keeper and one of his snakes, be it a very experienced and knowledgeable keeper (one cannot prevent them 100%). How do you explain your community defraying the costs of such an accident for the sake of a pet? We're not only talking about financial costs mainly medical, but the herp community as a whole. Such incidences have huge impacts on the herp community and we've all seen how the media and "general" population reacts. How would you feel if a hot keeper had an incident and the community pushed to have most reptiles banned as pets because of it?

I just have such a hard time understanding why people choose to keep hots for the pure entertainment of it when one factors in all the different types of risk involved.

I am certainly not an anti-hot activist!!! Just still trying to understand and stating my own personal opinion.

Reverendsterling: I have a hard time understanding your last post. The safety of the animals per say weren't brought up but the keepers and those around them. Also I have a very hard time understanding your comparison of people overeating and keeping hots. Both can be lethal, yes. But only one of the two are lethal to both the keeper and others around him. But I think that is besides the point.

I don't keep a hot for the same reason I don't keep a loaded gun in the house, the risk of having it in the house and causing an accident to me or someone else is too great for me to undertake.

Many hot keepers will say that keeping hots isn't as risky as most would think. Can you honestly say that your techniques are completely fool proof? Yes, accidents do not happen often but they still do happen.

Okay, I've said enough of a mouthfull for now!!!

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