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I believe it is OK to keep hots if the person is experienced, responsible and has proper housing (locked cages and hot room...etc). I think experienced keepers know the underlining risk and they know how to deal with it if accident happen, and also they love their families like anyone do.

I understand for those who vote NO; its is simply because many non-experienced keepers out there. These keepers make non-hot herp keepers and general public think keeping venomous is a very risky business, and therefore they are strongly against it . Its really like first kill the hobby and then ask questions later. Do any one ever ask a zoo can keep hot or not? Of course no, people know the snake is in a locked cage and put behind a glass panel for viewing is safe. If the same thing happen in a hot keeper's hot room, then the same group of people will say NO. IMO this double standard shows people are not confident in hot keepers are capable, a lot ...lot more education to the public like BW Smith and other hot keepers will help to reverse this weird concept of keeping hots.

In addition, other snakes like giant boid like BCC, giant pythons like burmese, rock, retic..etc should be included in potiential lethal species like hots. May be a new poll of keeping hots and potential lethal snakes or not will help. I do believe handling a gaint snake is no less lethal than handling a hot one.

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