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many more people die annually from medical complications due to being overweight than ever die from snake bites, should we start legislating food consumption, jail the chubby? I always say RESEARCH!!!!!!, thousands of reptiles die every year from inept husbandry, some die from lack of water, cooked in the tank by the window, starved, frozen, or eaten by their 'meal'. Keeping hots is definitely not for everyone, but like in every thing else someone that shouldn't gives it a try. Most of those folks learn fairly quickly and get rid of their animals, others have their animals die, a tiny few get hurt. The stats are probably the same for non-hot keepers and alot of fish,corns,kings,balls,leos, and boas die than hots or hot keepers. If it wasn't for the shock value of 'venomous snake' you wouldn't hear about it. sorry for the rant.