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Bj: it was a 3 month old coastal

unknownclown: that's funny that you said that.... while I was at work she was home doing whatever and she said she went to go check on him and she said he looked lonely and that he might need a buddy

Alice: I TOTALLY agree with what you said.... I don't tell her what she can and can't buy, and I would understand if she could at least take 2 minutes to think of a half way decent reason why I shouldn't keep snakes. But she can't!!! I have a whole seperate room that I keep my animals and weights in and there's no reason at all for her to have to go in there if she doesn't want too. Im just glad that she's finally coming around...... Now my problem is how am I going to show up with the new motorcycle she told me I couldn't have

reverendsterlin: that's funny.....
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