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Girlfriend hated my snakes.....


Can you believe that??? I got mad at first just because of all the bitching I had to endure for weeks when I got my first.... and now I brought home a baby ball that's super sweet, she says he's hers now since I didn't have "permission" to buy another snake in the first place. I think she's gotta lot of nerve..... I told her fine!!! then you can feed him then too.... AND!!! Im buying another one!!!! ( which I was going to do anyway o> ) Lets just say she didn't find it very amusing

LOL..... she's hates the thought of mice and rats.... I think she'd throw up if she had to touch one.

Anyways.... now that all her crapy reasoning she had for not wanting "ME" to have snakes is out the window (since she owns one now) I think I'll be getting a couple more snakes pretty soon
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