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I think this poll has incomplete fields. Where is the field "Yes, under circumstances" or "Yes, after close shadowing of experienced hot heepers". The same way some people have fishes, i keep 2 hots. I don't like fishes but i do like my hots. They are intelligent (comparing to non-hots) with interresting behavior, amazing colors. Both fishes and hots are display animals. I believe that if the hot snake(s) kept under optimoum circumstances and the owner is experienced and responsible of it's animals, then, yes, it is right keeping venomous snakes. I recommend major attention to the hot breeders/ranchers/dealers. I believe that THEY are responsible for the new comer's knowledge level about hot herps. They must not sell venomous to gain money. Priority must be given to the proper knowledge base of the one that going to obtain a hot snake(s). He/she must realise that having a hot snake(s) is like having a loaded gun all the time. They must ensure to themselves that they are responsible for their family, neighbours and physical needs of the animal they going to buy and remember that any mistake will prove fatal to themselves, family and worse of all to the herp community.

Longnose horned viper (Vipera ammodytes)

The fear leads to death as the window to the courtyard...JUMP!

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