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If I gave the impression that all the mods and admins here are not doing their job, then I apologize...that was not my intent. I was simply stating my opinion on certain situations. For example, the very first thread that I responded to, I noticed that someone had called another member a name--don't quite recall what it was--I felt that it was un-called for, and could cause a flame. I reported the person to an admin, who after a few hours just made a post to the thread to "be nice". I think the post should of been totally deleted.
Across these threads, I also see a multitude of incinuations to cuss words...just because you put two astericks between a f and a k does not make you civil. I see alot of that happening on this site. Children are smarter than we give them credit for--they know what we are really trying to say. Alicewave, I think you know what the other site is that I was referring to, as I believe you are a member there as well. You would know for yourself then that things that are tolerated on this site are not tolerated on the other site.
I enjoy this site, and really like some of the people that contribute to it. All I am saying, is that we need to get a little tighter on certain "rules". The only way this will ever change is if the moderators and administrators step up to the plate and stick to tighter guidelines and TOS's.
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