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To mk-ultra and anyone else who thinks that joke should have stayed up on our forums....

Please understand, that the joke in question is not suitable in these forums. it is against the TOS, and was deleted just like any other post that breaks terms.

The fact that some people might have NOT felt it was offensive is not's problem and we will continue to delete any threads like these that we feel should not be shown on our forums.

Like hip said, if you cannot understand why that post shouldn't stay up, then you probably never will. You can have your own opinion on a matter, but dont continue to post and drag this thread on, when its very clear why it has been removed. You surf these forums for yourself, the moderators have to surf these forums for EVERYBODY, all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure everybody enjoys our site without having to come on and read racist, sexist, degrating, posts, etc....

So in the future, if you feel like discussing an issue of why we have deleted a thread, take it up with us personnaly, rather then waste everyones time and space.

Please PM me personally, if you are still confused.
I would be happy to go over it again with you.

Grant van Gameren
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