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OK OK Here we go. I thought about this for a while and decided to come up with a quiz for ya, about movie quotes. Here it is!!!

1."Who's in charge here?!."---- "Aint you?!."
2."My ba!!s are half way up my a$$, but other than that....I'm perfect!"
3."I want you to brush your teeth in a rapid horizontal motion..... that's up and down for you rebel motherfu$#ers."
4.'What do you do now, just use your hand?"
5."I know what a grit is, I've just never seen a grit."
6."Maybe she don't like the cornbread neither."
7."You drop your gun..."---"I don't drop my gun."
8."I don't drink!"---"Je$us Chri$t...I think he's serious."
9."Stupid machine stole my quarter!!!"
10."That's funny, I never thought of it as a game!"

There you go..... It's not very hard, but it'll keep you going for a bit!

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