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Hi thanks for your reply!

Five minutes, seriously five minutes after posting the message I went in to my rodent room. I noticed the water bottles were all knocked over so I leaned over to right them, and she *literally* crawled into my hand. I jumped! lol but I got her. Stupid snake! hahaha

I see what you mean about pressing the tubs with the end of their bodies, and I am sure this is something like what happened.

I can't believe she stuck around either. When I put her in the tub a year ago she was about 20 inches. So she had ample time to escape. I recently removed her favorite hiding spot so I think this had something to do with it.

Thank you for your detailed reply! I will be putting her into a different enclosure until she gets larger like the other corns. I *know* those fat brats can't fit out! hahaha

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