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Don't understand how she escaped


Well my anery het snow female cornsnake escaped yesterday. We went to fed her and she was gone. I am not really worried about her as I know lost snakes turn up eventually....

But I can't understand how she got out and I am looking for input as to how I can secure my other snakes.

She was living in this rack set up for a year, as my other cornsnakes are and I have never had an escape. It was built specifically so you cannot put the tubs away without the lids being snapped. There is like no space between the lid and the shelving. Like I can't even get a pinkie finger in no matter how hard I shove. And my snake was about 35-40 inches long.

Obviously she did get out somehow or else she would be there still but looking at this photo do any of you have ideas how to make it more secure?

<img src="">

As you can see her cage is all messy from my frantic search to find her.

thanks for any input.
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