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This has been an interesting thread to say the least!!!

I've always dreamed of having a pet skunk since I was 12 years old when a french movie called "Bach et Bottine" came out. A kid movie with the lead actress loving animals, having her own little zoo and having a skunk as her closest pet.

I had heard here and there that they could be domesticated but never learned more about it. What's funny is that I was talking to a good girlfriend of mine a few months ago about weird animals and she told me her dream pet was a skunk. Lo and behold this thread comes up!

Now the freaky this is, after doing a few internet searches of exotic pets and small furries is that I found something else that's been a dream of mine. This may sound really weird but since I have seen my first, I have fallen completely in love with these buggers and think they're a riot. And theorhetically, it seems like a wild animal that would acclimate to domestication fairly well, anyways, I've always dreamed of having one of these crawling around my home. So what is it?

A sloth!

I always imagined filling my home with small trees, vines and lots of vegetation. Then having my animals well displayed through out my home. Having a sloth lazing around just sounded like the perfect addition to this dream.

I can't believe they are sold as exotic pets! At first I was a bit excited but that quickly wore off. Obviously they are WC and it breaks my heart to know that they are taken from their proper homes. Just imagining what the poor animal would go through to get here and then being sorely dissapointed that it's not a rainforest, I can't do that. Plus one more sold, one more taken from the wild. I've read up as much as I can and even zoos don't seem to be able to reproduce them in captivity.

I guess I'm still getting over the shock of seeing them for sale!

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