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My comment was that everyone SHOULD conduct themselves as adults--wishful thinking!! Fact is, we are dealing with people from all walks of life--all levels of income, all family sizes, all nationalities, and all ages. Everyone has thier own interpretation of what "adult" or "mature" behavior is--therein lays our problem. I agree, Marissa, I too try to approach each post with the same respect that I wish to receive--at times it gets frustrating, especially to those that chose to ignore advice, or try to start a flame. Fact is, there is no answer to the question. We will always deal with such a diverse community--thats part of what makes these sites so wonderful! But, along with that, comes the perils of dealing with people that you only know through thier keyboards.

All anyone can do is take a good look at themselves, and see how they can improve thier communication skills, such as being overly sensitive, quick to jump with a negative attitude, etc...

As it has been said so many times before..." Can't we all just get along?"
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