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Let me say that I have NO firsthand experience with these cages so I am only going on what I have been told by others, but I figured I should probably say something since there aren't many replies. I have yet to hear anything good about cages by design. I have only heard that they are structurally weak amongst other things, and something like that is definitely concerning for housing such a snake . Again, this is just what I have heard, I cannot speak of anything from personal experience so hopefully you will get at least one reply from someone that does... However, I am going to have to agree with chondro python's suggestion, for any of the giant pythons, monitors, etc its best to stick to custom built enclosures. Check out the General Enclosure Forum if you are looking for any ideas or such

Originally posted by chondro python
hammer and nail....
... and lots and lots of screws! Nails won't hold for long...
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