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Actually, Gino, look at what you just said: "LOL I am laughing about the 5-16 idea, that is kind of dumb don't you think?"

Then you go on to say that you don't start flames. I think this is a good example of the thread. Although you may not think you start a flame, you may un-intentionally. Laughing at someone's idea and then calling it dumb is a good way to start a flame. That is usually how they start. Someone says something, and then someone else perceives it out of context--then you have a flame starting.

Although it may be difficult to do, I think we all need to REALLY re-read our posts, and then ask yourself if any of it may be taken hostile. If it is, then change it before hitting that submit button. What one person may think is harmless, another may take as a personal attack. That is just the difference in human interaction. It happens.
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