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As I may of said before, I do not think that age should be the determiner in what may or may not become a flame. It is the persons actions that determine if a thread will become a flame or not. I have spoken with many a young herper on these forums that have impressed me more than any "adult". A good example is "Boaguy" from another site--BW and Herpkingdom know who he is. This guy is 13 years old, but by his actions, set-ups, and words, he is one of the most mature people I have ever heard, not to mention the volumes of information that I have gained from him. If we were to put a "age limit" on these sites, then I would of never had a chance to meet this guy and learn what I have.

It is so much easier to call names and start flames when you have not met most of these people in person. It is quite easy to get carried away with flames when you will never have to really do anything other than hit the power button . Lets keep this in mind the next time we want to flame....remember and respect that there ARE people here, people with feelings and emotions.

Finally, as I have stated before on this site, it all begins with the admins and moderators. I have seen alot of name calling, bashing, and flaming on this site that has not had much input from the admins. Although we are all adults here, or at least should conduct ourselves that way, I think the admins need to get a little more involved in controlling the forums. Stop something before it gets out of hand--warn someone of un-appropriate behavior--kick someone out--do something!! Again, I frequent other sites as well, and one in particular does not tolerate ANY offensive behaviors--you cannot even incinuate a cuss word. At first, it was aggravating--but then I began to understand. No one can control another person or the words that they choose to use--the only thing that can be done is to stop it quickly, warn them of thier behavior and how it is not appropriate for this site, and give them another chance. If they violate it again, then banish them--block thier URL--whatever it takes!!

But it all starts with us, and remembering to treat everyone and every member with the respect that you expect to be treated with.
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