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Bacon:Right, let's sort the buyers from the spyers, the needy from the greedy, and those ones who trust me from the ones who don't. Because if you can't see value here today, your not up here shopping, your up here shop lifting. You see these goods you've never seen daylight, moonlight, Israelite, Fanny-by-the-gas-light. Take a bag, come on take a bag. I took a bag home last night, it cost me a lot more than ten pound, I can tell ya. Anyone like jewelry, look at that one there. Hand made in Italy, hand stolen in Stepney, itís as long as my arm I wish it was as long as something else. Donít think just cause these boxes are sealed up theyíre empty, the only man who sells empty boxes is the undertaker. And by the look of some of you lot here today Iíd make more money with my measuring tape. Here one price, ten pound. Eddieid you say ten pound? Bacon:Are you deaf? Eddie:Thatís a bargain, Iíll take one. Bacon:Squeeze in if you can. Left leg, right leg, your body will follow, they call it walking. Do you want one as well darliní? You do, thatís it theyíre waking up. Treat your wife, treat somebody elseís wife, itís a lot more fun if you donít get caught. Hold on, you want one as well? Okay darliní show me a bit of life then, no good standing out there like one oíclock half struck. My own youíd better buy them, these are not stolen, they just havenít been paid for, and we canít get them again, theyíve changed the bloody locks. Here one for you. No good coming back later when Iíve sold out. Too late, too late will be the cry when the man with the bargains has passed you by. If youíve got no money on you now, youíll be crying tears as big as October cabbages. Eddie:Bacon! Coppers! Narrator:Ed can hassle a few quid here and there, but his real talent lies with cards, and gambling with cards. Bacon can see that his days of selling moody goods on street corners are numbered. Itís time to move on, and he knows it.
2.7 Amazon Tree Boas
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A minute ago this was the safest job in the world. Now it's turning into a bad day in Bosnia.
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