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I think this post jinxed me, DOH! The last female mentioned squeezed 2 more out on her own & then had to be taken to the Vet today for manual extraction of the last five eggs. She had 2 stuck just above her vent & then another 3 quite high up in her. It worked out really well though & I think that the 5 eggs we extracted at the Vet's are going to be alright also. So after all was said & done this little female that I had hoped would drop around a dozen eggs, "laid" 22 total. They are small for Corn eggs, but all appear fertile at present. Time will tell. I'm just glad that the poor girl is no longer "eggbound". She's not out of the fire yet though as the membrane from her oviducts was stretched out quite a bit & the last egg had to be manipulated out of it & then the lining had to be tucked back into her vent manually with a probe. OUCH! Needless to say this little girl's breeding days are now over even if she is still capable. Hopefully she will not stress out & her "insides" will stay up where they are supposed to be (ie: inside lining that surrounds the eggs) & not invert again. She was really good about everthing considering what was involved with the extraction + the shots afterwards. I also hope the eggs are fertile so all of her suffering was not in vain. Fingers crossed. Mark I.
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