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Talking Absolutely Hilarious! A Must Read!

HAH! I still can't stop laughing! Well, I went up to my country house today and oh boy..that is a day that I will never forget!! Heres what happened:

Okay well I was walking through the forest to the pond at my nextdoor neighbor's place in the country and I noticed that my chihuahua(who for some reason cannot swim) was trying to eat something in the water and she falls in and struggles to stay above water and managess to swim into the middle of the pond. Then she starts to go under and her head goes under. She keeps on bobbing above and under the water and starts to drown. now I have no choice but to go in and help her out but since I was alone at my country house and I only had one pair of clothes which I was wearing, I had to take them all off so that they wouldnt get full of mud and frogspawn etc. So I take them off and jump in the swamp to get my chihuahua. When I finally pick her up out of the water, I notice that themud at the bottom of the pong is white...but it wasnt mud...It was a pile of DEAD...ROTTING FROGS ONE FOOT DEEP COVERING EVERY INCH OF THE POND'S BOTTOM!!! I scream soooo loudly and then here comes my really really really hot, 15 year old neighbor, Matt. Why did it have to be the guy that I have a huge crush on?! So there I am, in the middle of the pond with mud up to my naval, dead frogs up to my breast, and water up to my chin and a chihuahua which I am holding over my head who is dripping with mud. Luckily Matt couldn't see anything because of all of the nastiness surrounding me. Now if this is embaressing enough, more happens! So Matt offers to help me out of the water and I am so mesmorised by his looks and charm that I agree and let him HOLD MY HAND( yes....he actually held my hand!!!) to pull me out of the water. So he pulls me up and notices that I am butt-naked and then HE screems, drops me and runs for his life. now I realise that the hottest guy in the world has just seen me with no close on and covered in mud and rotten animals. MY HEAD goes under water and I squirm around int he nastiness but manage to get my dog out of the water and put her on shore while I use tshirts and stuff to cover myself up while I run for my life down the road and back to my cottage where I manage to clean myself up. IT WAS SO EMBARESSING!!!! Oh lord...I hope I never have to see Matt would just be so embaressing!! Lol!! I still can't beleive it happened!!! I am not lying at one beleives it but it is true!!! Omg...It was SO EMBARESSING! I still don't know how so many frogs managed to die and rot at the bottom of the pond...ew Tell me what you think LOL! I can't get over this!
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