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Hey Xetox, the funny thing is prior to the 1.5 ft dump we had last week there was no snow at all & it was like almost 70 f out. Then it all melted this week & now it has been snowing steady here since Friday night again. Most all of it has melted, but theres around an inch of build up. Much better then last week when we got a foot & a half in a few hours. We have probably gotten more snow in the last week then we have for all of 2003. Calgary weather, you got to love it. Almost 70 f one day, below freezing the next. The thing that sucks the worst is that it makes it really hard to establish & regulate temps in a snake room when the outside temp may rise or drop 40-50 degrees in just a few hours. Oh well. Mark I. - GONE SNAKEE!
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