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TARAS Spring Show & Sale Exhibitors List


Chris Richardson - Pazuzus Preference
Debra Petournay
Nathan Curtis
Jaylyn Ettinger
Karel & Philip Bergmann
Troy Mouck - Darwins Oasis
Pat Wise
Ryan and Sheila Wunsch -SCALES
Annette Thompson - Wrapped Up in Reptiles
Wayne and Lori Stuber
Kyle Kunimoto - Kunimoto Reptiles
Daniel Bado
Mark IsBell - Gone Snakee
Stacy Smith
Dan Cadsand
Curtis Finnemore
Ian Giles
Yvette @ Krickets Unlimited
Neil Tyreman Artic Circle
Destiny @ Cochrane pet shop
Amanda Fendrick Year of the Dragon
Jeff McFadden
Selwyn Rose
Megan Caston & Andrea Meredith - Andrea88
Diana Daoust - The gecko Corral
Peggy Jackson
Lorna Levitt
Trina Karr
Greg West Cornelsworld
Walter Pacholko
Tim Baergan Wild Kingdom Reptiles
Henry Piourin
Mads Lund Canden Farms
Wayne Stirrett
Gord Rettman
Steve Chandler
Chris Bilou
Gary Dawson
Dan Uremovic
Tim & Julie Banighen
Brent Johnson
Roger Nielson
Gary Obrien

Im not sure if more people have business names but I added the ones that I knew of. Will post more if I get an updated list before the show.

Greg West
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