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Iam pretty sure there are more than one type of skunk going around, other than the native species we have here. I have seen them as pets before.

If you want some sort of primate or marsupial why not try sugar gliders? They are dirty, but being small they are easy to clean if you do it properly, live long lives and they become pretty good captives in most cases.

You could also go for a ferret or something.


I Agree with BW. Snaring any wild animal is a terrible thing to do. You may as well run one over on the highway. talk about wildlife destruction!! More advice would be work with a wildlife center, or volunteer to take in orfaned skunks, some cannot be re-released into the wild due to deformaties etc, and you could probably have a "legal" animal there, and possibly descent for the ones that do go back to the wild... No they arent decented but hey, thats half the fun right there!

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