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I used to have a pet skunk. They will dig into anything and can get in the tightest places. He like to hang out befind my dishwasher. Mine generally ran laps around the house for a few hours, then took a nap on my lap. Very cool pet, but you have to be ready for a nocturnal scavenger. Easy to litter box train at least. If you get one, be sure to get one that is as young as you can get it. They are very stubbrn and very intelligent. The funny thing is that the recommended way to catch them is by the tail. They have a very thick tail that can support their weight very easily. Mine seemed to like it. Great fun to play with. They need constant deworming and alot of attention. Be sure to watch their water intake. If they drink too much water it can throw them into siezures.

I dont think you will find any breeders concedering that it is against the law to breed and sell any wild life that is native to your land
At least here in GA, we cannot have black and white skunks Because they might be wild. We can ony have morphs like albino or caramel or silver.

best bet go hunting with a risk free snare and catch a WC baby and contack a vet that you trust and pray that he/she will not rat you out
I think that is a horrible and illegal idea. We catch enough hell about herps. Exotic pet trade gets just as much. We have to refrain from being illegal and keep it legit. Also, I assume you have never dealt with a wild skunk.
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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