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Hey ya Dom
I had a pet skunk as a child living in Northern Ontario outside Kapuskasing. Don't remember alot, but I do remember it not living in a cage what so ever, and my Mom had siamese cats at the same time and they were all free roaming together. He was desecented of course, but I do remember there being a bath time much like a decented ferret.
As for finding one, On the other site beginning with K.......
under the exotic animal site, there are several people that breed the small mammals, primates, squirrels, coons, etc,.... and I think that they may be your best bet to start your search with. There is also some guy that lives in the Kamloops area in BC here, that always has primates for sale, the last one being a lemur, and a few squirrel monkeys. If you look ay under the bc edition, you might find his ad there.
Good luck in your search.
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