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Question A CAgesByDesign habitat 4 a Retic???

What's your thought's on the CagesByDesign habitat's for a full grown Retic? I was checking them out and I like that they get so long. I was also checking out VisionCages, but they don't seem long enough. I also checked out BoaPhileCages, but they certainly weren't deep enough, very nice habitat's though. I love that "extension" option. Will the CBD habitat be secure enough for a Retic? Will it be able to hold her in there on the stand? Are they easy to clean, or a pain in the ***? And last, but certainly not least, does anybody here have, or know anybody that uses CagesByDesign's habitat's for their Retic? Sorry so many questions, but I need to know. Too much money to waste on a "hope". Thanks alot guys...


p.s I wanted to look at the Neodesha habitat's, but I guess they went under... I want something no shorter than 8 feet in lenght, and no less than 36" deep. Height realy doesn't matter. Thanks again!
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