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This Years Egg Count So Far...

Hi everyone! I thought I'd share with you what's been laid so far:

March 23/03 - Eastern Indigo 14/14 good

April 1/03 - Children's Python 11/11 good

April 16/03 - Vietnamese Blue Beauty 13/13 good

May 3/03 - Mexican Milksnake 5/6 good

May 4/03 Snow Corn Snake approx. 15 so far & still laying

In the next 2 weeks I expect (hope!!!) to have the following lay:

2 Ghost Corns, Amel. Corn, Striped Amel. Corn, Striped An. Corn, Albino Abberrant Cal-King, Desert Banded CK, Lavender CK, 2 Striped Albino CK's, 2 Jungle Corns (het Albinos), Sinaloan Milk, 3 Graybanded King's & last but not least Tarahumara Mtn. King (Knoblochi) & I think thats it. It's an Easter Egg Hunt everyday for the next while anyways so WOO HOO! Prior this year I had only produced Corns, CK's, Graybands & K. Sand Boas so there are many firsts to look forward to for me this year. Wish me luck people I can only cross my own fingers so many times, LOL.
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