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lol Shane your hectic!! I dont know how anyone couldnt love this cat!! His names Shorty, he lived with me since 6 weeks old when i lived on my own, but now he lives with Laurynn since my parents wouldnt let me bring him back when i moved back home... he is seriously the MOST affectionate cat ever!! He sleeps under the blankets every night, lays on your while you watch tv... For anyone who doesnt like cats, if you had our cat you would have a differant opinion!!!! He plays fetch, and actually brings whatever you throw back, EVERYTIME, you can take him for walks on a leash, no problem!! LOL Here are some more pics of him, tell me he isnt adorable!!!!

PS> I dont want to hear any comments about my femanine side from the peanut gallery... Thank you! HAHAHA is offline