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Vic, thanks.

I know it is not, at times, easy to stay clam about something that we all are so passionate about. I, myself, have even gone off the wall and bashed someone for saying something that is their opinion on a thread that was just started to cause such a ruckus.

If anyone feels that I have unjustly bashed, flamed, or otherwise offended them in any of my very few post, I apologize to you. This is a passion i my life, and I really do not like seeing pseople coming in to forums like this for the sole purpose of passing along misinformation and starting flaming threads.

If you are wrong I will point it out. If it is your opinion, I should not argue that you are wrong. (Although, sometimes I will if I feel strongly enough in my opinion, as we all will & do)

Now, let me clarify opion from facts.

The feeding live versus frozen thawed or fresh killed debate, is an opinion. Everyone stands somewhere on this debate.

But on the other hand, someone coming in here and posting an answer to a boa cage temp, saying that 70 degrees is to optimal temp, is just plain wrong and I will post to state just that.
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