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There is a lot of that going on at just about every herp site. Unfortunately, there are a lot of 12 year olds with raging hormones on these sites that seem to know everything there is to know about any and all snake or lizard in the world and just throw out anything idea that comes to mind and swear it to be gospel. There are also a lot of experienced people who come to this site, as well as the others, who see this and do not want the newbies to take what the those 12 year olds are posting as good useful husbandry information. And if we call them for it, they get all offensive and thus starts another flaming thread.

I may not have 1000 posts like some here, but when I do post I try to give helpful, accurate information. Even doing that I got caught in a flame (by someone who posted in this thread no less). So it seems that it is not just 12 year olds who start them.
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