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aww, sweet senies. I used to work in an aviary. We had parrots and parrokeets. Senegals, green cheeks, red cheeks, cockatoos, yellow and blue fronted amazons, congo and timneh (sp) grays, and quite a few other species. I fed them and socialized the babies. It was fun. I have a bird now as well, he was a rescue, but he is doing great now, even with his deformities. He has a crocket beak and mangled feet. His name is Quasimodo and he is a sweet cockatiel.
I often miss working with the birds but it didn't pay much. Mostly volenteer work. Fun experience though, I even learned how to hand feed babies with a syringe. That made me nervous. If it isn't done right they can get sour crop and die. But I servived and so did the babies. lol.

I also bought my fater a tiel for his birthday in 2002 and he got a second last summer that was a rescue in good shape but not wanted any more. They since have become mates and had a trio of babies. I have pics that I can post later. They are soooooo cute!! One seems to be an albi. She has pink eyes and her pin feathers have white tips where the other two have yellow or grey tips. Can't wait till the feathers start coming. Oh, and her crest and tail pins are yellow, too cute!!
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