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The Blk ones are usually Emperor Scorps. Some times if your lucky they are Forest Scorps. The live in humid environments so they are harder to keep for a first timer( just my opinion). The one I suggest for beginners is flat rocks. Those are the two best because they aren't very venomous. The ones you are refering to are probably desert hairy (Hadrurus Arizonensis). They are easy to keep but are more venomous so don't get tagged. Unfortunely Flatrocks are useually harder to find. At least in Canada I have no idea where you are from. But I think they are the best beginner scorpion. Emperors can be kept together though so you can keep three in a twenty gal. Desert Hairy can only be housed on their own. Emperors can be handled and Desert Hairy can not. If you maintain the proper humidity Emperors are fine. Do your reseach and learn a few things before you decide if you want one. Hopefully we will have someone else on the invert forum soon.-Tim.
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