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30,000 Mice Discovered In Metro Barn


Owner Of Barn Arrested

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City police responding to complaints of a foul odor coming from a barn found mice -- thousands of mice.

Officers said they found about 30,000 mice, and some snakes in the barn in the southern part of the city.

Police would not release the name of the barn's owner, but animal control officials said they will ask prosecutors to file charges.

"This building is completely full -- there's very little room to even walk around in there," said Steve Lira of Oklahoma City Animal Control.

He could face three misdemeanor charges, police said.

Authorities believe the man was raising the mice to sell as food for snakes. Nearby neighbors said the stench from the barn was unbearable.

"Massive odor, and that just blows my mind knowing that there are 30,000 mice (in there)," said Cecil Carpenter, who lives nearby.

Carpenter said nearby residents complained for months, but nothing was done.

"It was terrible," he said.


Just think, with that many mice we could afford to feed even more snakes.
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