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I would not recomend a ball python (how many posts have we seen that say my ball python is not eating please help me) plus there are a lot of wild caught and wild farmed balls out there (price seems to decide what most uninformed newcomers buy)There are a few snakes that are more suitable for a FIRST TIME KEEPER(a common boa or one of the Bci ssp are not one of them)Here is a list of constricting snakes that are not too big and are very forgiving in husbandry practices.Rosy boa the best of the best for a starter boa,one of the sand boa's would also be a good choice if you do not mind a snake that likes to hide.Childrens pythons are also excellent if you like constrictors (small docile good feeders and easy to care for) and the last one even though it is a colubrid (I think they think they are boids though myself) the African house snake.That is what you asked for I hope your friend makes the right decision If he has never owned a snake before he should start with a corn or a king (wether he likes them or not cause there is a lot to learn about reptiles and these snakes will help with that process.

I am breaking out my flack jacket as we speak for all the shots I will have to take from the ball python crowd (just calling it the way I see it ) Take yer best shots


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