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I think a safe way to go would be to feed reptilian prey supplemented with rodents. Rodents are more nutritious but there is also such a thing as being over-nutritious in the long run. The primary reason for most to not recommend rodents to non-rodent feeders is becos of the high fat content in rats and mice which may contribute to fatty liver disease. This is an ongoing debate however and one which probably will take a long time to resolve, until we have more proof.

I'd say go with what you feel is right but just monitor your snake closely for sign of ill health and obesity. There's pros and cons to both sides. Reptilian prey can also pass on more pathogens to your snake. Blah blah blah. And the list goes on. Anyways, time for me to bed. Wish you best of luck with your Philothamnus. Nice snakes! I'm hoping to get some in this month!
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