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well That was not arrogent you seem to get the point behind our motives to try an educate the public.

But the question still stands where do we start this is a big herp world who would be willing to stand in the front lines of a court room as we all know that in due time that is what will hapen to us.

You serious herpers know what we mean.

But to the general ppl here that have only one leo gecko and royal python. This is the big picture if there is a ban on all reptiles that includes your tynie leo not just the burmese pythons, hots and crocodilians. A ban on all reptiles means ALL REPTILES 6 inche to 25+feet no one gets to keep any thing so this is a lot more seriouse then some ppl think.

Ya you could go against the law if this cours of action dose take place. But once the ban is in place you just need to make one of your friends mad and he/she will rat you out to the wrong ppl and if ever there is a ban that will mean bigger laws, bigger fines to pay and a criminal record for doing somthing we love. That hurts no one.

For thows of you that don't know the Reptile industry is like the drug traid we all talk about Cites animals. Apendix I,II,III.
Did you know that there is a under ground reptile society (Ya it sounds far fetched) but it is true there are cop's hierd just to investigat reptiles imported illegaly.

It is a big deal I have seen it in action!

All you crocodilian lovers out there know what a cuben crocodiel is crocodilus Rompbifer well it hit the news last year that one was smuggled in to Canada and sent to the Cites office in New-Brunswick any way they neede a place to house this amazing animal all that to say it ended up at the zoo I was working at.

I learnd first hand just how bad this stuff can get.
Did you know that if the person is ever caught he is facing like 5-10 years in prison and a $5 000-$25 000 fine.

Now imagine a ban that would mean all reptiles would be CITES1 animals. Your leo could and up puting you in jail with a fine do we realy want our government to take such actions we should be the first ones in line to fight these ppl B4 things get out of hand and a ban is placed.
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