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i really dont want to get arrogant here, but............ the same thing has already happened in the uk.
although ive been in canada for the last 2 years, before that i was heavily involved in several uk herp societies. basically we had to fight tooth and nail to even let the RSPCA (royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) let us feed LIVE crickets to lizards. then animal aid got hold of us reptile keepers and they decided to try to ban all reptile keeping completly. while i was still living in the uk, virtually every show was closed down at the last minute. the holders of the show had no idea, or any recourse to the actions. the councils were being advised by the RSPCA that reptiles are carriers of salmonella, can cause meningitis. what the RSPCA failed to mention, was that more ppl die every year from being kicked to death by a horse than being killed by a reptile caused death.
ive said it before and i'll say it again. i was complacent about this issue, but that was 10 years ago, if i had the hindsight i would have done everything i could have done to stop animal aid, the supposed reptile expert clifford warrick and that twat peter heathcote. these people and organisations are dangerous to all reptile keepers, breeders, dealers whatevers. animal aids' main maifesto is to stop all people from keeping ALL pets. this means cats, dogs, fish, hampsers etc. they started with reptiles because they are hugely misunderstood by the general public. so they think that if they can gain supprort by spouting lies about the so called dangers from reptiles, they can slink into the public and before everyone else knows whats going on, they'll ban, or at least try to ban all pet keeping and breeding. even zoos aren't safe from their bitterness. these people have protested many zoological establishments, and they will not stop until they get their own blinkered way
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