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well that seems like a good plan of action but we need to start small so what do you propose would be a good first step.
Education is the key but where do we start pet stores, shoping malls, schools.

You have verry good dreams but you need to site back and get your schooling done and go to college and university to be able to take a public stand I am working on educational presentation starting in september I want to tour most of the elamentary schools in my area then start working on the pet stores once I get that done i will see what can be done just remember that the kids are the future and some day a new president or prime minaster will be asked to change a reptile law and they will think of when they were young and the guy with the snakes and lizards came to there school and thaught them a few thing they may want to discuse it with the public B4 a law is passed just my thaughts
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