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Well it all started just over a year ago, I was in a mall alot with a pet paradise in it, and I have always been fascinated with animals in general (planned to be a vet sincs age 5 until last year), and noticed they had a few snakes in the corner. I got talking to the guy and he said come in around saturday my friend and I are bringing a few herps for a little show. Well it was around my birthday and I finally perswaded my parents to let me get one. I ended up getting an amel corn from the guy (man did I get ripped 130$), he taught me the care requiremnets etc etc.. (the amel actually came in a container I have only seen once used by a certain store/breeder. So I think he went done boughht the corn from the store and resold it to me (but hey what did I know).
Then I started researching and found with hundreds upon hundreds of breeders and information, I spent hours a day researching them. I liked the colour of butter corns and got one really cheap but sadly it wouldn't eat for 3 months, and the breeder gave me my money back for the snake...
I then got a snow, and 1.1 BP's at the show in Sept, then I got a ghost corn, by this time I knew quite a bit about snakes but mostly on corns and BP's and seen that a breeder was selling Lavender corns, I jumped right there and picked up a pair.
I have also just recently got a free anery

my addiction has grown to the point where I have built a little room just for my corns and BP's, just finished the BP rack and am strting the corn rack today..
But I am still looking for a female striped corn with little luck.

I am to the point where I get e-mails all the time on what I have for sale, when I will have them for sale and ?'s on corns and BP's daily. But I'm no computer wiz, I am computer illiterate except for looking at things on BP's and corns, if it wasn't for the MOUSE and links to click on, you would need to stick a fork in me because I would be done.

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