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When we get our drivers liscence we were not great drivers but we did get better with time and practice. The liscence did not make you a better driver all it did was give you the legal right to drive a lethal weapon on the streets. People die because of car wrecks but we accept it because of the convienance of driving. Face it people are not afraid of cars but they are of reptiles. People will be more likely to get there liscence/permit so they can show off with a big snake. It is the presence of these reptiles in public that pose the biggest threat not the reptiles themselves. Sure a 20 foot snake is dangerous and they should not be taken lightly but I know a lot of careless keepers around that have them and are still alive. I believe we have all seen people that should have been constricted years ago but they are still alive. Sure accidents happen and people even kids have been killed by there pet reptiles but it is rare. People are mangled and killed by pet dogs every other week but it is accepted in society because people like furry animals. If you think about it the dangerous large aggressive snakes are already owned by responsable and experienced keepers because the non experienced keepers got rid of them or the snake died from hunger because the scared keeper quit opening the door.
A bad year with reptiles is better than a good year without em.
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