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all my life has been decated to reptiles my parents as kids had reptiles and they all ways had reptiles then now i am 20 years old and still getting reptiles and now i have a great knowlage on them and i have soo many different reptiles and soon going to open a breeding opration soon and going to be a public speaker in school and such to make people aware that reptiles are great pets and raise that people need to find out every thing they can on there care
1.1 Common Boa, 0.0.1 Children’s Python, 1.0.0 Pastel Ball Python, 5.4.6 Crested Geckos, 0.0.2 Gargoyle Geckos, 1.0.0 sand gecko, 1.0.0 Gold Dust Day Gecko, 1.2.0 Tokay Geckos, 1.1 Ornate Uromastyx, 1.0.0 Marble Gecko, 0.1.0 Emperor Scorpion, 0.0.2 Dumerils Monitor, 0.0.1 Red Tegus, 0.0.1 Sulcata Tortoise, 1.1.0 Bearded Dragons, 1.0.0 Russian Tortoise.
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