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Let's face the facts some of us have ben doing this hoby since we were 6 and others have started at 12-16 others at 45.
we are all capabel herpers in our own ways are we all ready for giant snakes? Nope!

lets put it this way.. Cars some ppl started driving Dady's truck on the farm at 6 others moved in with there uncles and started driving the tractors at 12. Now when they want to drive on the real roads can they? Nope! they need to wait and get there temporary licence at 16 (or yonger if the parent want) and the parents need to sigh for them, in order to pass you need to do a wrighten test. After that you need 1 year of hands on driving experience eithre with your parents or 8 monts with a drivers ed class then you do a driving test and if you pass you get a lincence.

I say we get all the big reptile dealers in Canada and start planing some sort of guide lines to large herps like a book of do's and dont's pass it off to Cites with a petition stating that we do not want a ban we want these animals to be licenced. then if they suport the idea we go straight to parlement with it.

It is a dream but how hard can it be Lets not forget that all the big reptile dealers are on a first name basises with Cites or at least should be buy now.

After that all we need to do is open our doors and say ok here is the book study it and come back for the wrighten test.(yes it can be done in a mater of days) when that is done get them on a program in a large facilatys where the animal they want is housed and bread and get them to work so many hours a week (say 5-8 hours a week)

Lets be realistic here if you want a burm:

0-25 hours baby burm enclosurs cleaning and handeling.
25-100 hours 5-12 feet burms cleaning amd handelig reserch med requierments (how to give certin meds to a burm at home)
100-200 hours 12-20+ feet burm learn how yo work as a team and how to work around diffrent senarios.

After 100-200 hours is up you pass a handeling test.
where the student must make all the judgment calls on how to move the animal where to house it temporarely during cage cleaning be at the head end. A oral explination on what the procedure is and how he/she is going to go abouts to get the job done. And have some one qualified to to over see the whole thing.

You see I see this as a hoby (sport) I was in Karate for many years I wanted to learn and I payed to be thaught.
ppl who want these animals for all the right reasons will not be scared to do this type of thing cause once you have the licence no one can take away the experience you learned and time you put in.

Put on a black belt you are not a black belt, earn a black belt and where a white belt you still have the knowleg of a black belt.

Now do somthing stupide and yes the licence can be revocked but that is just the way life is.

These clases dont need to caust an arm and a leg but still enugh to stariten up ppl decisions and yes there will be drop outs but thows would have ben the burms in the rescues.

Any way it is just a dream of mine and later on in life when i get the cash I will see what I can do with it unles some one reads it and says hey that can be done lets see what such and such person has to say about it.

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