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Well, just thought I'd add my two cents about Steve...

While one might agree that he appears reckless and takes uneeded risks with hots and other potentially dangerous reptiles. I think we all have to agree that his heart is in the right place. The reason he handles the animals the way he does is not for his benefit (obviously he has many other alternatives to free-handling) but he believes it's the best for the creatures involved. He doesn't like the use of tranquilizers or sedatives. We may discount him, but at the same time he has the creditals and experience most of us will only dream of. Personally, I am not one to judge a person I've never met (or even one I have met for that matter). That is simply not my place here on earth. However, I do see that he is extremely passionate, knowledgable and sensitive to the animals he handles. He is truely a one-of-a-kind in this world full of head-cases. As for his shows being set up... If it is or isn't is not what matters... he's educating the public and allowing them to see the many wonderful and positive qualities about reptiles that most people abhor. His technique may leave something to be desired, but I hold the utmost respect for him. Personally, I don't think I'd have the balls to do what he does, experience or not!
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