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alot of people might think it should be sold to only people of a certen age, right. wrong i disagree, i think there should be a lisence to own such anamals, not nessasarly a expencive or hard to get lisense but if people have to go through to troble of getting a lisence they will figure out all about the anamal ahed of time. and if they dont know about all the eventual care requirements they will when they have to get a lisence. also it might cut down on all these abandon or uthinized snakes and it would also cut down of people getting caught up in the moment and have them just think about how "cool" it will be to have a 18 foot snake without thinking of cageing, hadleing, feeding, and ex. i have seen kids sitting out side of rep show holding there nice cute SMALL burm and just think there goes another snake down the drain. but i also have to remember not to be judemental because i am just a kid. and i have a burm but i can tell you this age is not a good factor to compare responible ownership. do most burms sold to kids not get as good homes as the ones sold to adults maby so. but that should not be the only factor that comes into place when it comes to the care of a burm. factors like resposibilty and know how should come into place. when people say you should learn how to handle the snake. well i dont think that is as important as know overall care requirements but most of the time you can lear handaling from books, other snake owners ex.
(sorry about the rant)
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