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Originally posted by dm101081
Taking care of a large snake requires knowing only one more thing than taking care of a small snake. And that is how to handle/cage it. These are not difficult things to learn. If a burmese python is bought as a baby, (20 inches) it will not be difficult to handle at all. As the snake gets larger it will become more and more difficult to handle, and subsequently you will get more and more experience handling a bigger and bigger snake. It all goes together. As far a research research research goes, come on. How much is there to learn to be able to provide that snake with the best type living conditions possible.

I agree with you mostly but...

"Taking care of a large snake requires knowing only one more thing than taking care of a small snake And that is how to handle/cage it.."
true, but there is also a respect level there that some people dont understand and may never aquire if they look at it that way. You could say the exsact same thing about hots too but would that really sum up all thats invovled? When an animal reaches a size potential to kill a human of any size, much, much more must go into the planing for the long term in aspects of caging and handleing the snanke.

Reseach could be sumed up the way you put it, but you cant tell me you really read a care sheet with all the things you listed and feal confident and ready to take care of that animal. although I read many (5-10) caresheets about an animal I want to purchice I really like to see the animal in the store, handle it, and interact with it. aside from what the care sheet says.
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