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Ok Tim it is Hip to the rescue on the Montie's This Is what I do(lots of trial and error).I assume no libility for your lack of kitchen skills.First and formost are the eggs,you will use 4 eggs (3 yolks and 1 whole egg) add about 5 table spoons of real cream and beat with a wisk till mixed.I would recomend whatever seasoning that you like you should add at the mixing stage.Here is the trick take the bread you are going to use and toast it slightly (just starting to brown on both sides) this will make it much less prone to falling apart.Soak each side no longer than 30 seconds in the batter ( too much makes em fall apart)You need higher heat forMonties tham French Foast so do not use butter!!!! I recomend canola oil or olive oil(extra virgin).Place it in the pan and cook till that side is fully done (lift to check the browness this is a the more you do it the better you get at it skill).I use sliced black forest ham and either old chedder or swiss for filling (smoked turkey breast is awesome (any breast is awesome if you ask me lol)

Pre cook the ham or turkey or whatever you are using in a seperate pan before hand(removes a lot of moisture) Do not use processed cheese (lots of moisture content) shredd the cheese first so you use less (less milk fat reduces soggyness) I wuold also tell you to make sure the center piece of dipped bread is fully cooked before you build the Montie (thusly you only have to cook the two outside faces of it)Try using a very dense bread as well like bran or rye not only are they good for you they hold up better than plain old white bread (pumperkinckle is awesome with Montreal smoked meat in a montie)

So just reduce the moisture content of the sandwitch ingredents use denser breads less egg whites cook at higher heat be creative and enjoy.I just bet If you brought the wife one of those with coffee or tea and some fresh squeezed oj in bed on a Sunday mornin You could get to be King for a day (only one though you know!) I really do hope this helps.

Next up on cooking with Hip a special Chicken breast dish for summer.


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