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OK, here it is, my Some of you know that I take in rescues, and most of them have been burms. while I think licenses and classes/courses and epxerience with a burm owner handling, feeding, cleaning HUGE piles of poop, etc. are all good ideas, let's face it. It is not very realistic. some burm(and other large snake) buyers are just kids, most pet stores do NOT care, give no info or incorrect info, and when the snake is 10ft and parents are freaking out, they end up in rescue. I also realise that there are alot of BCI's coming into rescues now, too. But think about it: Can you place in a GOOD home, a boa that will likely not reach 10 ft, or burm, retic, or Afrock that can reach 18-20ft? I know alot of reptiles are impulse buys for kids, their parents, or someone buying their first snake. if it's pretty, they want it, and the large snakes are really pretty, especially as babies. Can you educate the pet stores? Sure, if you can find out who's in charge and they are willing to listen. And don't forget, it has to be education that makes them $$, cause if the decision is between the welfare of the animal, or making the cash, the cash wins. There are some good pet stores out there, I personally know of a few, but the majority do not care. So I am in between. I believe there needs to be some sort of process, age requirements, experience requirements, etc. But I also know that is not feasible. Which is why the forums are a good place. Someone who comes in and asks, "Do you thinkI'm ready for a burm?" should be told, if you have to ask, you're not ready. Just like I believe there should be some slow-down in the burm breeding, as well as maybe some of the BCI breeding, to allow for the ones already out there to have good homes, I also know that as long as there is money involved, some people will just keep breeding. I also agree that until you have a large snake, you have no IDEA how much work they are, how much they eat, or how big 10 ft+ REALLY I believe it all lies within education, for potential owners, pet stores and breeders.
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