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I agree with you dm101081. No matter how many small snakes you keep it will never prepare you for owning a larger one. Nor does it make you a good snake keeper. Being a good reptile owner comes from within, your personal feelings of wanting to do the very best for your reptile. Whether you own one reptile or a hundred you would study and provide the proper housing and care for the reptile. This type of person would make a good large snake owner.
The only way to get experience with large snakes is to work with them. I would always suggest that people who want large snakes to do there research and make sure that they are possitive it is right for them, but nothing really prepares you for the 15 to 20 pound piles of poo.
The next thing I would suggest is start out with a baby do not jump right in with an adult. The babies grow quickly, but so does your knowledge of the snake. As your snake grows so does your experience level. But please if you find out that it becomes to much for you find it a good home and do not start to neglect it.
Make sure you have at least a 4'x8' area and this is the bare minimum if you love your snake you should provide more room.
I believe there is paper you have to sign that says once you become a reptile owner you lose all of your friends, but try to keep one around to help you clean and feed your new reptile when it gets large.
I also do not believe they are for children they grow way faster than the kids. I hate it when I see parents buy their children reptiles and thank they do not have to help them with it. I was in the petstore once and a man came in and said his son's snake wasn't eating when asked if the snake was showing any signs of illness he walked over and asked his kid (which was around 8) if it was acting funny, the kid said yeah its got its mouth open all the time. So the man was asked, whats the temperature of the cage, do you have a heat lamp on it? The man looked at the kid again, the kid said I don't know what the temperature is but my light quit working last year.
People never cease to amaze me.
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A bad year with reptiles is better than a good year without em.

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