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Heather, you so crazy! Yea there's the vet departments in Kemptville, because when I was there for that soccer-hell-camp, everybody asked me every five minutes if that's where I was going. :\ lol The whole school is agricultury!

Anyway, I'm not sure about the sciences thing, I think you take some sciences but like a "Zoology 101" Or something... not too sure! Check out the Guelph website, y'know that Zoology section with all the courses you can take?

Ahahha oh man, going to Guelph together would be INSANE. Forget about "Interesting," it would just be nuts. lol Fun though..! Hey if we could survive a week together at JCW, we could go to Guelph together lol... anyway I guess if I want to go to Guelph I actually have to go to school so bye!

Oh yea, I'll check out about the science courses today... well I'll try... and I'll let you guys know when I eventually find out!

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